When was the last time you worked 3.5 hours and made over $2,000 per hour? People who know how to process tax deed surplus are making that much and more. I’m not kidding… and it’s legal.

I made over $7,000 while helping a person who had lost their home at the tax deed sale. I assisted the person in retrieving funds they were unaware they were entitled to receiving. One of my students netted $30,000 with my help on a $100,000 surplus. Surplus from the tax deed sale can be a valuable opportunity for people looking to invest in real estate or help people recover monies that are owed.

The surplus refers to the money that is left over after a property has been sold at the tax sale auction to pay off delinquent property taxes. It is the difference between the ’high bid’ at the auction and the ‘opening bid’. If the ‘high bid’ of the property is higher than the ‘opening bid’, the surplus may be paid to the former owner or to any other person who has a legal right to it. Investors who learn the process can charge a fee to help the former owner recover the money. The process of claiming tax deed surplus can vary by state, so it’s important to understand the specific laws and regulations in your area.

By following a few simple steps, you can set your fee to be based on the percentage of the money you claim on behalf of the person.

Here are a 4 reasons why you should consider working on tax deed surplus:

  1. Financial gain: One of the main benefits of claiming tax deed surplus is the potential for financial gain. If the sale price of the property is higher than the amount of delinquent taxes owed, the surplus can be substantial, and can provide a significant return on investment.
  2. Low risk: Investing in tax deed surplus can be low risk compared to other types of investments. This is because the opening bid of the property is set by the government and the sale price is based on the high bid at the auction, which minimizes the chance of financial loss.
  3. Easy process: The process of claiming tax deed surplus can be straightforward and relatively simple, especially if you are familiar with real estate transactions. In most cases, you simply need to research the laws and regulations, locate the property, and file a claim with the county or state government.
  4. No competition: Unlike traditional real estate investments, where multiple buyers may be bidding on the same property, the tax deed surplus process is relatively unknown, and there may be limited competition for the funds.


Claiming a tax deed surplus can be a valuable opportunity for individuals who are interested in real estate investments or are owed money from a property sold at the tax deed auction. By researching the laws and regulations, locating the property, and filing a claim, you can increase your chances of receiving a portion of the tax deed surplus. With the right information and preparation, you can take utilize this opportunity to secure your financial future.

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