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Making Money With O.P.T. (Other People's Taxes)

Tax Deed Investing allows you to buy real estate for the back taxes. Meanwhile Tax Lien Certificates allow an investor to earn an interest rate without the ownership of the house.

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What Exactly Are Tax Deeds & Tax Liens?

If a homeowner doesn’t pay their taxes, a Tax Lien is placed on the property. The Tax Liens are sold to investors who can earn 5-18% annually in FL and up to 24% in some other states. When a property owner doesn’t pay their taxes, the county sells that debt to investors who lend the county money to make up for the loss. In turn, the county gives these investors interest on their tax lien investment. The Tax Lien investor doesn’t own the house and has no property rights.

After a period of time the county can auction off that property in order to reimburse the Tax Lien investors. That is when the property can be sold and becomes a Tax Deed sold at the Tax Deed Auction. The winning bidder of the property at the Tax Deed Auction becomes the owner of the property. In Florida they are guaranteed immediate possession of the property. 

What Else Can You Do With Tax Deed Investing?

Buy Before Auction

Learn how to buy the properties before they even make it to the auction.

Buy At Auction

Learn how to outbid seasoned investors and conduct yourself at the sale.

Buy After Auction

You can still buy tax deeds even after the auction is over. Learn how without bidding.

Profit Without Buying

You don't need to buy the properties. Learn how to make money without buying.

Sandra Edmond

Sandra M. Edmond

Full-time real estate investor and licensed broker, trainer, speaker, and mentor

From Media Maven To The Queen of Tax Deed Investing

Prior to her career in real estate, Edmond was a television news reporter for West Palm Beach’s WPBF-Channel 25, Fort Myers’ WINK-Channel 11, and Tallahassee’s WTXL-Channel 27, where she was a fill-in anchor and a reporter. Edmond credits her investigative and research skills — along with a healthy dose of tenacity she developed as a news reporter — for her success in real estate. Edmond’s career in real estate started after working almost 10 years in the television news business.

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President of the Central Florida Realty Investors Association from 2013-2014. Featured article in Orlando Business Journal.

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Get Clarity & Gain Further Insight Into What Your Investment Goals Are

A private one-on-one consultation with Sandra is designed for investors of all experience levels. Next steps are catered to your specific area of interest.

Discuss some best practices when buying tax deeds, tax liens, and other investment real estate, as well as wholesaling and tax deed overages.

Sandra will examine and provide input on how to achieve your objectives. 

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Certain steps should be followed in the right order to avoid frustration. This list is exactly what to do.

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Sandra has outlined everything you need to know about a tax deed in this one-page fill-in report.

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Questions For The Queen

You’ve probably got a lot of questions. That’s why you’re here, right? Well, here are some of the most common ones Sandra has answered for you.

A tax deed sale is a public auction where property is sold to the highest bidder in order to recover delinquent property taxes.

A deputy clerk employed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court conducts the sale or public auction in accordance with Florida Statute 197.103 (if you’re in Florida, of course).

Tax deed sales are held as advertised at the County Courthouse or online. The tax deed sales are advertised in one of the local newspapers which advertise public notices. The Clerk of Circuit Court is required by Florida Statute 197.402 to advertise each sale once a week for four consecutive weeks prior to the public auction.

The Property Appraiser’s Office can provide you with information on any structural improvements on the property. Additional information is provided in the tax deed file which is located in the Recording department of the Clerk of Circuit Court. The laws governing tax deed sales can be found in Chapter 197 of the Florida Statutes. The rules of the Florida Department of Revenue regarding tax deed sales can be found in their administrative code beginning at 12D-13.060.

If you’d like someone to “hold your hand” and walk you step-by-step through the process, then the best way to get started is attending my live training events and enrolling in my online courses. You can also join my email newsletter, follow me on social media, read my blogs, and subscribe as a Queen’s Confidential member to receive continuous updated information and support.

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