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Investing in Tax Deeds & Liens

Feb 24 – 25, 2019: Orlando area: 2 Day Tax Deed & Lien Field Trip (Click here to Register)

May 2019: South FL (Date TBD) (Click here to Register)

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Former stock market investors have found a safe way to plug the bleeding hole in their investment portfolios through Tax Deed & Tax Lien Investing

Most people know very little about Tax Deed Investing. Banks and Real Estate Agents have no incentive to educate the public about these government tax foreclosure sales and most savvy investors will not create competition by telling others how to be successful at the foreclosure tax sale.

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Benefits of Government Tax Foreclosure Sales & Tax Deed Investing

Florida is one of the best states in the U.S. to buy at the foreclosure tax sale.  We bought this green 4 bedroom 1 bath house in Orlando, FL for $13,000 at the tax deed auction.  A couple of months later we sold that boarded up green house to a rehabber for $26,000.  You can buy real estate at these tax foreclosure sales for the back taxes too.  That rehabber took off the boards, renovated the house and sold it as a Lease Option/ Rent to Own. In Florida this foreclosure tax sale is known as the Tax Deed Sale or Tax Deed Auction.  Tax Deed Investing allows you to buy real estate for the back taxes.   Meanwhile Tax Lien Certificates allow an investor to earn an interest rate without the ownership of the house.

When a property owner doesn’t pay their taxes, the county sells that debt to investors who lend the county money to make up for the loss.  In turn the county gives these investors interest on their tax lien investment.  The Tax Lien investor doesn’t own the house and has no property rights.  After a period of time the county can auction off that property in order to reimburse the tax lien investors.  That is when the property can be sold and becomes a Tax Deed sold at the Tax Deed Auction.  The winning bidder of the property at the Tax Deed auction becomes the owner of the property… in Florida they are guaranteed immediate possession of the property.  

We’ll show you how you can buy these properties, minimize your risk, increase your profits and become financially independent.  Click here to learn more about finding Tax Deeds and Tax Lien Certificates. If you’d like to stay up to date on the latest information regarding Tax Deed Sales and Tax Lien Certificates. Please join our mailing list to receive our free monthly Newsletter with industry news and opportunities.  Also be sure to click on the Upcoming Sales on the menu tot he right for a Calendar with information on when and where some tax deeds sales are going on.

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