Step by Step and Tax Liens/Deeds and Real Estate Investing 

Queen of Tax Deeds’ Coaching Program


           What you will learn:

Tax Deeds & Liens

  1. Tax Deed Research
  2. Clearing Title on Tax Deeds
  3. Bidding at Tax Deed sales online and offline
  4. Buying Tax Deeds at the auction and before the auction
  5. Buying Tax Deeds after the auction
  6. How to read a title search / Ownership and Encumbrance Report
  7. Documents to look for in a Tax Deed File
  8. Liens that will kill your Tax Deed Deal
  9. Liens that get wiped out at a Tax Deed sale
  10. Most common Tax Deed mistakes
  11. How to turn 12,000 into 50,000
  12. Getting your Tax Deed Business up and running
  13. Outsourcing the business by hiring Virtual Assistants for as low as $4 an hour
  14. Profiting from the Overage of a Tax Deed Sale


Wholesale Bonus 

  1. What are Target Properties and conditions
  2. Your supplies
  3. How to determine ARV (after repair value), market value, and MAO (maximum allowable offer)
  4. Finding deals – lead generation (more than 90 sources)
  5. Marketing
  6. Property evaluation
  7. Evaluating deals
  8. Finding Buyers
  9. Bringing deals to closing successfully
  10. Estimating Rehab costs (even if you can’t get in the house)
  11. Using a predefined criteria to export prospects off the MLS
  12. Presenting Offers
  13. Structuring Multiple Offers
  14. Creative Real Estate Techniques
  15. Due Diligence
  16. How to make an offer to purchase
  17. How to take title to property without risks
  18. Assigning Contracts
  19. Retaining control of your assigned contract
  20. Most common wholesale mistakesPossible Solutions if you don’t find a buyer

Productivity Training

             Everything from Google Docs, Google Tools, Free Websites, Mobile Apps, Keyword Marketing, Selling Real Estate on Ebay, Cloud Computing, organization techniques…

            How to make some money on the side with little effort while you get your real estate business afloat…




         Since I am offering an abundant amount of information along with my time and resources at a low price I will require the following from you.


  • You must devote 10-20 hours a week of your own time on research, education, lead generation, lead evaluation etc.
  • You must have a Positive Attitude
  • Keep the methods and techniques shown to you Confidential
  • Take part in researching deals
  • Take as instructed the DISC and/or AVA personality and test to help better understand your needs and abilities
  • Sign a Client Consulting Agreement

           Training sessions will be done by phone, over the internet via Live and/or Recorded Webinars.  Weekly online calls or meetings.  Minimum of 1 Live Webinars a month.  Group or Individual Telephone Conferences will also be available monthly.


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