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eBay Auction

image-ebayNew .01 eBay Auction

This is a tax lien certificate for sale. Please read the listing before you bid. Click the link above.

Originally posted to Blog on 9/21/2009

5 days until our last Field Trip of this kind

Untitled5 DAYS until our last group goes on the Tax Deed Field Trip… Check out the $9,000 house the last group saw auctioned off

I just posted a video and the date of our last tax deed field trip of this kind. ***********Click here to see the video of this house that sold for just $9,000 and info on the field trip.

More than 20 people signed up for this field trip we did as a pilot for the upcoming boot camp. More than we could accommodate, so to be fair we split the second day up into 3 groups. The last group’s courthouse trip is September the 9th. We offered this trip at a very cheap price to see how it would work and everyone loved it and learned so much. It only cost $29, how much cheaper can you get for 2 days! One day is spent learning how to research from home, the second day we go out into the field and go through real files and watch a tax deed auction. Next time we offer this field it will be a 2 full days (instead of the ½ days) and the price will be much higher. You can probably add a zero to the end and multiple that number by 2 for the new price.

Thanks for those that participated in the trip and helped us make it a great experience for you. We still have room for a couple more people on the last courthouse trip on this pilot program. Sign up fast, they don’t last. (Click this link.)
Originally posted to Blog on 9/4/2009

Alert: Commercial building in Tax Deed Sale Wednesday

This building is in the tax deed sale with an opening bid of about 7k. It’s zoned Light Industrial. It looks like it may have been a store. This picture I got off of Google looks like it is boarded up. I will be headed in the opposite direction tomorrow for a student field trip, if anyone goes to this sale in Osceola report back on what it goes for and how many people were at the sale. Other info:

  • land tax val 10k
  • Bldg tax val 74k
  • 1024 sq feet headed; 2400 total sq ft
  • blt in 1968
  • concrete block
  • Commercial

let me know if you need more details…

Originally posted to Blog on 8/25/2009

#3 Mistake Tax Deed & Tax Lien Investors Make

They Don’t Know How to Bid

Whether it is a Tax Lien or a Tax Deed auction, most municipalities require that you compete for the properties by bidding.  The problem many people have is their bids are too high. You know the story about David and Goliath.  Brains over Brawn (or cash in this case).  The way I bid is how I taught Christa to bid in her auctions.  The person willing to pay the most at the sale does not always win.  You have to learn how to step your game up.  Christa carefully timed her bids out based on the climate in the room and the fact that the clerk breezed through the sale only enhanced her chances.
Originally published in Blog on 7/10/2009

Banks Not Immuned to Loosing Properties in Tax Deed Sales

I’ve noticed more and more properties with bank mortgages and even bank owned properties are going to the Tax Deed Auctions. Remember lenders have been foreclosing on homes at record numbers lately. Now it appears that some of these lenders can’t afford to pay the property taxes on all of those homes.

In February I went to a Tax Deed sale in Orange county. A county that I don’t usually expect to find any deals because of it’s popularity. Boy was I wrong. Someone bid on and won a house in Apopka that was currently in foreclosure. The Ownership and Encumbrance report showed that there were 2 bank mortgages on it, one of the mortgages had filed a Lis Pendens. A Lis Pendens is the beginning stages of a foreclosure. The bank was notified of the pending auction and they didn’t step up to pay the taxes. The property sold for $31,000! The bank mortgages were about $120,000.

I’ve seen actual bank owned properties go to Tax Deed sale as well. These lenders are letting some of these houses go to Tax Deed auction… creating an even more lucrative opportunity for investors who buy Tax Deeds and Tax Lien Certificates.

Has anyone else noticed this or anything interesting such as that?

Originally published in Blog on 2/23/2009

House sells for $35,000 in Brevard County Tax Deed Auction

On Thursday, I went to check out the Brevard County Tax Deed sale for the first time. It was an early day, the sale started at 8:30am, but the drive out to Titusville was pretty quick coming from Orlando. A couple of students met me there. They were surpised to see that although there were about 20-25 people present for the sale, only about 5 people bid on the properties. About 10 properties were auctioned off ( it started with about 30 properties, most were redeemed). Only 4 other them sold, the other 6 had NO BIDS. Which means it goes to the Certificate holder.

One of the properties that sold was a house, we wil be posting the video of that home. It sold for $35,000. It was in a relatively nice neighborhood. I will be writing about that sale in the March Tax Deed Newsletter.

Originally Published in the Blog on 2/23/2009