5 days until our last Field Trip of this kind

Untitled5 DAYS until our last group goes on the Tax Deed Field Trip… Check out the $9,000 house the last group saw auctioned off

I just posted a video and the date of our last tax deed field trip of this kind. ***********Click here to see the video of this house that sold for just $9,000 and info on the field trip.

More than 20 people signed up for this field trip we did as a pilot for the upcoming boot camp. More than we could accommodate, so to be fair we split the second day up into 3 groups. The last group’s courthouse trip is September the 9th. We offered this trip at a very cheap price to see how it would work and everyone loved it and learned so much. It only cost $29, how much cheaper can you get for 2 days! One day is spent learning how to research from home, the second day we go out into the field and go through real files and watch a tax deed auction. Next time we offer this field it will be a 2 full days (instead of the ½ days) and the price will be much higher. You can probably add a zero to the end and multiple that number by 2 for the new price.

Thanks for those that participated in the trip and helped us make it a great experience for you. We still have room for a couple more people on the last courthouse trip on this pilot program. Sign up fast, they don’t last. (Click this link.)
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Great quote from an Entrepreneur who became a Millionaire with an idea.

Great quote from an Entrepreneur who became a Millionaire with an idea.

I was watching a great show on CNBC Sunday afternoon. It profiled entrepreneur who never gave up on their ideas or business and became multimillionaires when everyone thought it would be impossible. One of them they profiled was a woman. As soon as I heard what she said I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. This is what she said.


Sound familiar to you Napoleon Hill and The Secret fans?

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Some of the tax deed files you look at will have a new title search/ O&E format

Be on the Lookout for Documents like these which are also Title Searches / O&E report

This is an en example of what some of the clerk’s offices are using as an Ownership and Encumbrance Report. If you don’t know what the Ownership and Encumbrance report is (aka O&E Report), it is on e of the most important documents in any tax deed file.

On our last tax deed field trip one of my students was a real self-starter and looked at the file a few days earlier on her own. Only problem she could find was the she couldn’t not find the title search submitted from the title company. That is because many of the counties are changing the format they use for the O&E report.

**********Click here for the new format. At the very bottom on the right is what tells you it is really from a title company. Can you see what that is?

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Banks are earning higher interest rates than you with your money and this is what they will never tell you about tax lien certificates

How the banks are making a killing in an investment they will never tell you about…and they are using your money to do it.

I had to make a u-turn when I saw this billboard. If you haven’t seen what the banks do with your money then offer you, take a look. This will you can bankrupt a billionaire and in a short time s/he will make that money back. It’s what you know and what you do with that knowledge that matters. This will be a real eye opener for some of you.

Get this free eBook to learn more.


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Alert: Commercial building in Tax Deed Sale Wednesday

This building is in the tax deed sale with an opening bid of about 7k. It’s zoned Light Industrial. It looks like it may have been a store. This picture I got off of Google looks like it is boarded up. I will be headed in the opposite direction tomorrow for a student field trip, if anyone goes to this sale in Osceola report back on what it goes for and how many people were at the sale. Other info:

  • land tax val 10k
  • Bldg tax val 74k
  • 1024 sq feet headed; 2400 total sq ft
  • blt in 1968
  • concrete block
  • Commercial

let me know if you need more details…

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*** We’re making 15-17% from the government, how’s your portfolio? *****

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Help! Is this Procrastination or Perfection —- It’s hard to tell one from the other but both of them are equally dangerous!!! – (here’s my true story)

Over the last week I have been spending hours working on this special report/ eBook on the benefits and steps to investing in tax lien certificates. Every time I think it’s ready to be launched I find something else to put in it or revise. At this rate it will be months before I even get this special report out there.

Over that time… while I was busy pouring my blood, sweat and tears into this eBook, a few of my friends and students have called. When I tell them about this eBook I am working on they become immediately interested in the topic. So much so that I have sent a couple of them advanced copies of the eBook so I wouldn’t have to answer the many questions they have on th topic. That small glimpse into the process has done more than I ever expected, they are depleting my source of these great tax lien certificates. You see they are so enthusiastic about these investments, that they’ve had me purchase several certificates for them already! So in additions to writing the eBook/ Special Report I have been selling them the certificates or consulting with them on which are the best ones to buy.

(okay, STOP THE MADNESS – I tell myself)

That’s when I realized that sometimes we can outsmart ourselves and sometimes slow action is just as bad as no action. Here I was putting so much work into getting it PERFECT that I didn’t realize that The eBook/ special report will never be “Perfect.” I will always find a better way to say something or new information to include in that eBook. We have to learn to take action and if need be adjust our course as we go along.
This reminds me of a famous person who once said… Progress Always Involves Risk,

“You Can’t Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First” — Fredrick Wilcox.

With that said…. Here Goes!

Your Ticket to Financial Security – The Tax Lien Certificate FREE eBook!

Download it and please come back to post a comment on what you think.


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Let’s Meet Once a Week?

You’re Invited!

This Wednesday, I’m taking the second group of students to the Courthouse for an Auction and review of the tax deed files.

As I sit and prepare for that day, I am fielding questions from other students and investors about the world of tax deed and tax liens. So I’m thinking wouldn’t it be great if I invited those who needed the help and training to one of my favorite spots on a weekly or biweekly basis.

This is what I am thinking. I can set a meet up spot for all of my students at my favorite ‘satellite office’ Panera Bread. I’m there often and we can set a time and date to meet biweekly, very casual, no RSVP’s needed. Come at your leisure and we can discuss your progress and speed bumps.

Would you be interested? Answer here on the blog and let me know. I’ll decide. It will cost you though; you will have to buy me a mountain dew (my drug) and /or a cookie 🙂

(One other catch- you have to be a student. That means you came to one of my classes or bought the Home Study material. I can’t help you if you are not willing to learn and take the first step) If you are too far, I can record these sessions and email you the audio.

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Just Say NO to high property taxes — It’s yor RIGHT.

If you believe the Property Appraiser’s market value for your property is higher than the market value of your property as of this past January 1, you are encouraged to contact your Property Appraiser’s office. Often times the Deputy Property Appraisers will happily meet with you and discuss your market value and how it was calculated. If you still feel your market value is too high, you can file a simple petition with what many municipalities call the Value Adjustment Board. You can find most of those forms online at your local property appraiser’s site. There may be a filing fee and most have a September deadline.

Tips on reducing your assessed value:

• Before you make your appeal, make sure to ask the county or municipality to district to provide you with the homes they used to compare yours to and set its value. Those homes are called the “Comps” or Comparative Market Analysis.

• Then you should research and make sure their comps match your comps.

• You can also add photos to your research. Those photos can be used to show that your home is not comparable to the homes they chose. Appraisers will not know about all the remodeling work, additions or other work that could be making the house next door worth more than yours

• If you live in Florida, keep in mind that Appraisers can now use foreclosures and short sales as comps. That could be good news if you want to get the assessments on your home lowered. However if you are trying to sell a home this will have a negative effect on the value of your property. This means your buyer’s appraiser may also use short sales and foreclosure when evaluating your property’s value.

Provide reputable documentation such as building permits

• Document contributing factors such as termites, foundation issues, flood plain and other such issues

• Use the MLS if it supports your cause. If you have been unable to sell your home on the MLS and it is listed for LESS than what your municipality is assessing it at, you might have an even better case. The longer the listing the better the case.

• If you paid less for your house than the current assessments, bring your closing papers and that year’s tax bill.

The process is very simple but you have to do your homework. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, hire someone. There are professionals who specialize in making appeals on property tax assessments for a fee.

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