Tax Deed Tip: You Go Where The Money Is

When you own your own business, sometimes driving 2 hours is just something you have to do. You go where the money is. In this case, I had to drive a couple hours to visit this vacant lot property I picked up from the auction.

How To Run Your Own Title Searches On Tax Deeds

“Oh my gosh, how do you do that?”  “Aren’t you scared to buy those things?”  Those are just a few of the reactions I get from people when I tell them I buy at the tax deed auctions. Let me break the WHY down for you… We’ve bought a rental at the tax deed sale […]

How To Get Comps Without MLS Using Redfin

Here is a quick tutorial video on how to run comps when you don’t have access to MLS or don’t want to use a real estate agent. If you did not know, “comps” is short for comparables. Meaning we compare similar properties to our target property to get a general idea of the fair market […]